Wooden Storage Modules are used by Storage  and Removalists Professionals World Over

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Module Dimensions:

Standard - 7.5 cubic mtr

Compact - 2.5 cubic mtr  only $8.00 per Week

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Standard Module

Width   1550 mm

Length  2200 mm

Height   2200 mm

7.5 Cubic mtr

Best value for money Storage System

No lost storage space due to access/walk ways

Goods are stored in a sealable wooden module

Allows stored goods to breathe

Insulated from excesses of Heat and Cold  


 Compact Module

Width  1200 mm

Length 1000 mm

Height  2100 mm

2.5 Cubic mtr 

 When you only want to store a few items.

Compact Module with front door attached.

 Rent Now only $8.00 per week




 Courtesy Trailer

To Help you move and save money, shift your items with our Courtesy Trailer.

It has a drop down ramp for easy access, just ask us! 




Minimise dust ingress

Minimise vermin intrusion

Stored items are 200mm off ground level

Best suited for moderate to long term storage


Optional 2nd Shelf

Adjustable shelf height

Optional 2nd Shelf

Minimise your storage costs

Allows maximum space storage

Front to back & floor to ceiling

Loading and unloading your  possessions into the Storage Modules

Can be done undercover and indoors inside our large buildings

No long carries

No extreme weather to damage your valuables

Need extra space just add another module

You don't have to rent another shed!

Storage Module with front panel installed and secure ready for storage within our 1500m² Buildings

Document Storage

Free up valuable space for more profitable and productive use

De-clutter your office, home, and place of business

Storage Module will hold from 84 to 96 boxes of variable sized Archive Boxes, or up to 112 for standard sized boxes (270H x 300W x 410L)



Your documents have 3 stages of security:

1 Within a lockable module

2 Within a secure building

3 Within a security fenced allotment.

Easy Retrieval Storage, enabling you to access information when you need it.

Modules are stored so that the door entry can be accessed at any time

Normal access time being the same day


Module shelving height can be adjusted to suit your Archive Box dimensions

Locked Modules are stored within our buildings in a dry secure environment

Buildings have back to base monitoring, CCTV with DVR recording, smoke alarms, and security patrols after hours